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BUILDER; when we think we are building, I see nature is re-building. When we assume we know what we build, we do think so... isn't it. Mistakes are seen as a negative mis-took-place. But time is not ours, we only try to make the best of it. And place, well...when we claim any place, consideration always gets the second place.

When I look at nature, I see she is perfect capable of re-building. Seeds and roots are 'opportunics' for finding solution for growth. Branches and leaves are resilient to continue life. And above all! nature has found a way to restore the balance without having individual blame.

But hey...this is only my human mind trying to understand. By seeing this container with human waste (trow away), nature smiles at me and I smile back. Taking time for a picture and sharing this message (time and place).

In the power of sprouts I see the power of creation and it is far bigger than anything we think we can make. You have to see it and without claiming it, make it a part of your own and be happy.

Blessed day